Monday, July 8, 2013

What up hepcats, I'm Joaquin and this just happens to be my allow myself to introduce my...self...

What is there to say? I grew up in East Oakland, moved to Concord, CA after sixth grade and the rest as they say is history (Just like my degree!) I quickly rose to fame and became the most poplar kid in school. NOT! I had to work at it! JK

I grew up playing Ice Hockey in Oakland, CA which is a rare feat in itself! Fitness has been a HUGE (Donald Trump Style) part of my life ever since I can remember, but it has never reached the peak it is at now during my late 20's. I never realized the importance of a proper diet, and a well balanced workout regime. Crossfit and the Paleo diet have helped me achieve a ton of great things.

I used to be a gym rat going to a globo-gym and doing the normal bench, squat, back, tri's and bi's etc...but with crossfit I have not only gained massive strength my overall eliteness is awesome now!

A little about me, I love spending time with my girlfriend Katie, and our stinky dog Riko (German Shepherd), I like re-watching movies that I have not only seen numerous times, but that I also own, I like Crossfitting, eating Paleo, walking our doggie-poo, playing Ice Hockey and moving weights around. I like the beach, especially in Cancun, Mexico area where my family is from. I'm half German and half Mexican. I am going to get a sic tattoo of my family's crest on my obliques..(German Crest) It has a bear lifting a log, so that pretty much describes me in one picture alone.

I have a new found respect and admiration for the outdoors thanks in large part to Riko...(Jkin! It's cause of Katie!) I am really into Game of Thrones right now, and yes I'm pissed the Lannisters killed Rob and Caitlyn Stark!!!! I bought the first book, but have yet to read it! But I will!

I majored in History at Sacramento State University, and I am on a collision course to becoming a Police Officer in the Greater Sacramento Area! That has been my life long goal ever since I can remember.

Other than that I am ready to get this blog going and extending myself virtually to all of you out there on the interweb.


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