Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm Katie

I grew up on the east coast of the US of A and moved to the best coast right before 6th grade. I've always been active and pretty dorky. Some of the super cool things I participated in as a kid included: T-Ball, Girl Scouts, American Girl Doll Club, Tap and Ballet (I was terrible, seriously, there's a video where I'm two steps behind and staring at the girl next to me), Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball (though my friend - or accomplice - and I ditched practices to go to the Library, how rebellious we were), Anime Club, Color Guard (if you don't know what that is, this video brings back memories, though that's not me, and I did it in high school - late bloomer I guess), and track & field (hurdles, baby).

I spent many-a-summer in remote areas of northern Canada canoeing around in wooden boats and carrying wanigans (wooden boxes) of food and supplies through the forest for weeks at a time. I once took Joaquin on a trip and didn't want to let him chop down a tree because I didn't trust him with my axe. That night he stayed awake for hours searching for a spider that had crawled into the tent.

My mom has spent my entire life on one diet or the next. As a result of her experimentation, I have always been open to trying new things (except carob, bleh!), and she was the first one in my family to try the Paleo diet. Unfortunately, she doesn't follow the diet anymore.

I spent a long time in college and finally got out right when everyone was getting laid off. I persevered (barely - I came close to going back to school for a degree in Psychology)  and am now working as a civil engineer in my 3rd career-track position. The job I have right now is one I worked for three years to get. 

Today, my favorite things to do are working out; researching; eating; planning (for life, not event planning, that's a miserable activity); relaxing with friends and family; safe water sports such as canoeing, or sitting near water and enjoying the view; daydreaming; doing pretty much anything with Joaquin; sitting on patios enjoying a glass of wine; pestering my brother; buying books I fully intend to read; listening to podcasts; instagramming and coming up with clever hashtags; and petting my dog.

That's me in a nutshell, I hope this gives you some insight into who I am. Joaquin's up next!

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